Hey there 👋🏼 My name's Arman. I'm the founder of Good Trouble, an ex-Google designer, a cancer survivor, and an accessibility advocate, based in California.

My first leap into making games came in the form of mods for Warcraft 3, back in the early 2000's. Since then, I've had a 10+ year career in UX design, was a part of a BAFTA-nominated game called NeoCab (2019), and solo-developed an award winning cozy platformer called Harlow.

My studio is always working on something exciting, from some incredible games to super useful dev tools. As those projects continue development and get closer to release, I'll share more on this site about what they took to make.

Aside from game development, I teamed up with my good friend Anthony years ago to make a design prompt generator called Sharpen. It's the world's largest resource for making creative prompts. Google ended up licensing the tech for their official design certificate, and a bunch of schools use it to teach STEM subjects.

This site is where I share useful scripts, advice on game development and accessibility, and updates on the games I'm working on.

In the future, I'll be sharing a few custom gamedev tools I've built, along with example projects and resources ✨

You can find me on Twitter @_armannobari, or if you want the full backstory, you can check out my personal site here.