Let's start this whole thing

The first step in this journey of sharing, building in the open, and helping others try taking on new challenges!

Let's start this whole thing

For a while, I've been mulling over the idea to start a blog to share resources, tools, tricks, and advice I've gathered during my 10+ year career designing products, and relatively new leap into making games. One thing led to another, and here we are.

👋🏼 I'm Arman. I discovered a love for design & game modding when I was in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy (long version of the story here). I'm a disabled self-taught developer, designer, magician, and artist. Being self-taught, I've had to figure out certain things out in unique ways, and I often find myself making my own tools to accomplish niche challenges.

Aside from sharing some of those tools, I'll be using this space to share advice on accessibility, game design, prototyping, and pitching. I'll also be building in the open, sharing updated about whatever games I'm working on.

My hope is that this site becomes a useful resource, a safe space to learn new things, and a place for folks to get inspired to try things they didn't think they could do.

So, hello to anyone catching this site early enough to easily find this first post. To anyone digging through the archives, feel free to reach out if you need help finding something or have a question 🙌🏼

The illustration I use on the homepage was done by the incredibly talented Mischa.